Office in Madrid

The PARRA DORADA office is hidden in the heart of Madrid, on Calle Mayor.
This mansion is a jewel of modernist architecture from the early 20th century and constitutes the monumentally eclectic identity of Madrid.
Красивое здание в стиле модерна
The building was designed by the iconic Spanish architect Antonio Palacios and erected between 1919 and 1921.

The interior, hidden behind the strict façade of the building, amazes with its light and movement.

Изысканный интерьер в стиле модерна
We were captivated by this space with the sophistication of its forms. In it I would like to share the joy of finding new rare wines for our collection.

PARRA DORADA has been here for over 12 years and is happy to call this place home.

Calle Mayor, 4, planta 3, oficina 6, 28013 Madrid, España
+34 609582893 Office Secretary
+34 810520759 Office