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Wine as a work of art
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As in the world of High Fashion, in the wine world there are wineries whose signature wines are recognized as works of art: they are filled with meaning, have their own concept, philosophy, and are a unique symbol of the union of Nature and Man.

Such wines, especially those that have received high praise from world-famous critics, certainly become the object of desire for many wine lovers. A kind of hedonistic hunt begins for a rare specimen for their collection of impressions, and wine market professionals want to invest in wine that will only become more expensive over the years.
Usually you can taste wines in Michelin-starred restaurants. But with the purchase of a bottle, a problem often arises: Wine Houses do not seek to sell their wine, they know its price too well and deliberately avoid unnecessary connections and contacts, protecting their beautiful world from excessive attention.

PARRA DORADA was lucky to take its place among European wineries, to become their faithful friend and partner in the careful opening of new world markets for respected Wine Houses.
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