Dealing with wines that belong to the Horeca segment, we simultaneously wanted to find and offer customers wines that would be very high in quality and priced not in the premium, but in the Upper entry level segment.
Thus, these wines became available to a wider audience.

Entry Level Wines

Прозрачные пустые бокалы
We saw our mission as providing everyone on our Planet with the opportunity to try such a high-quality product, for which you don’t have to go to a restaurant, but just look at a supermarket or a wine shop near your home. We would like the wine culture, especially in non-wine countries, to grow even more, drawing into the circle of wine lovers those who have not yet discovered this fascinating world.
Therefore, in 2016, PARRA DORADA became a shareholder of the ancient Spanish winery Bodegas Los Marcos, founded in 1850, becoming its friend, co-owner and partner.

Bodegas Los Marcos owns about 380 hectares of its own vineyards in the Castilla La Mancha and Valdepenas regions, 3,500 oak barrels, three high-speed bottling lines for both still and sparkling wines using different types of packaging.

In recent years, the plant has undergone significant modernization, updated most of the equipment and opened a flagship high-tech branch at the industrial site of the city of Santa Cruz de Mudela.
Бокалы с розовым вином
Thanks to close and fruitful cooperation, PARRA DORADA has a unique opportunity to exercise control at all stages of wine production, develop its own blends and apply different technologies for different markets, taking into account their characteristics (for example, PARRA DORADA produces kosher wines for Jews, a line of ecological wine, non-alcoholic wines with halal certificate, etc).
Our brands are known in many countries around the world; the map shows the markets of those countries with which we cooperate on this project.
карта мира
We have many of our own patented designs and trademarks, because the style of our work involves close interaction with the client - a wholesale company or a distribution network in a particular country, for each of which we create our own unique product on exclusive terms. Here is a small selection of our wines:
Russia / Россия
Belarus / Беларусь
Poland / Польша
France / Франция
Germany / Германия
Ukraine / Украина
Israel / Израиль
Georgia / Грузия
China / Китай
Japan / Япония
Brazil / Бразилия